[suggest] Update of libtheora, libvorbis, x264 and dependent products

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Mon Nov 29 09:55:55 CET 2010

On Mon, 29 Nov 2010, Grant Street wrote:

> I know this may be nontrivial but I'm happy to help.
> I'm in the process of creating a custom ffmpeg based on 0.6.1 but there are a 
> few dependancies that have to be updated.
> The three main ones I've found so far are
> libvorbis ( I was able to get a newer version from atrpms)
> libtheora ( I was able to get a newer version from atrpms)
> x264 ( the sticky one)
> x264 has a library libx264.so.68 that is required by mplayer, libquicktime, 
> vlc and of course ffmpeg.
> I can't compile ffmpeg 0.6.1 because the header file in /usr/include/x264.h 
> is not compatible. I can't install a newly created x264-devel rpm because it 
> requires a new x264 which can't be updated because the  libx264.so.68 is 
> required ....
> So before I go through uninstalling vlc,mplayer, libquicktime, ffmpeg and 
> recompiling them all, I was wondering if I could help you guys, talk about 
> caveats or should I go it alone.

I am planning to do the same, in fact I have been delaying this for RHEL6 
as it impacts RHEL5 and RHEL4 too.

In the past the hard problem was to find a combination of libraries that 
works for everything (and hopefully also builds for older distributions). 
It feels like throwing stuff in your christmas tree, shaking it and 
collecting what fell off, and repeat a few times.

Unfortunately the whole process could take hours and it would have been 
much easier if eg. we had compatibility libraries for some of the pieces.

PS I still regret that Fedora never made a good standard for library 
packages like PLD and Mandrake had. Using the soname and packaging 
libraries _always_ separate to other things.

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