[users] mrepo comps.xml for EL6

Ljubomir Ljubojevic office at plnet.rs
Thu Aug 18 14:50:04 CEST 2011

Yury V. Zaytsev wrote:
> On Thu, 2011-08-18 at 12:41 +0200, Ljubomir Ljubojevic wrote: 
>> Hi.
>> I am using mrepo-0.8.7-2.el5 on CentOS 5.6, and I am unable to 
>> incorporate groups from downloaded comps.xml. My base repo is called 
>> "os", so for CentOS 5 repos I use "os-comps.xml.
>> Is there any new/special procedure or do I have to use some new mrepo 
>> version and from where?
> mrepo: 
> os_components = (
>     glob.glob(pathjoin(self.dir + '/disc1/*/base/comps.xml')) + # RHEL 4
>     glob.glob(pathjoin(self.dir + '/disc1/*/repodata/comps-*-core.xml')) + # RHEL 5
>     glob.glob(pathjoin(self.dir + '/disc1/repodata/*-comps-*.xml')) # RHEL 6
> )
> I don't know what it is called on CentOS 5, but if you know we can add it.


so they should be used the same as RHEL 6.

In the version I use, I would place <base-repo-name>-comps.xml 
(os-comps.xml) next to the ISO files in main folder, and it worked for 
CentOS 5 ISO. It still works for CentOS 5 repositories/ISO, but not for 
CentOS 6 repositories/ISO. In CentOS 6 repo I have both original xml 
files AND os-comps.xml, but I still do not have Groups.

I just now looked, and my installed mrepo rpm is from EPEL repository, 
ver 0.8.7-2.

Is this given code in 0.8.7? or only in newer code? Should I recompile 
rpm from current code or wait for official compilation?


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