[users] yum-updatesd for CentOS 6

Gerd v. Egidy lists at egidy.de
Wed Dec 7 13:37:51 CET 2011


> >From the 6.1 Technical Notes[0]:
>    Enhancements:
>    BZ#602149
>    This update extends yum functionality by adding yum-cron
>    package. It provides automatic background system updates with no
>    user intervention and replaces the outdated yum-updatesd package.
> There is no yum-updatesd package in CentOS 6, following upstream.

"upstream" means RHEL in this case, not Fedora. They dropped yum-updatesd and 
replaced it with with the inferior yum-cron. 

In case of RHEL all this yum stuff doesn't really matter because you'll use 
the RHEL update tools like satellite.

But for CentOS this matters. PackageKit isn't really an option for a managed 
server setup and not everyone needs spacewalk when yum-updatesd does the job.

So I propose to include it in rf that all users who like to use yum-updatesd 
have an easy way to install it.

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