[users] yum-updatesd for CentOS 6

Gerd v. Egidy lists at egidy.de
Thu Dec 8 09:32:53 CET 2011

> > In case of RHEL all this yum stuff doesn't really matter because you'll
> > use the RHEL update tools like satellite.
> I found satellite to be unusable for modest environments. The
> interface was very slow and unscriptable for our favorite upstream
> vendor's GUI, and investing in the Oracle database to run spacewalk
> locally was unconscionably expensive for even midsize environments.
> Coupled with the slow installation process and update downloading over
> thin network pipes for small clusters, it was unusable.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I've tried it just once with a RHEL demo 
and haven't checked all the features.
> > So I propose to include it in rf that all users who like to use
> > yum-updatesd have an easy way to install it.
> Why? yum-cron, on a *nightly* basis, can do very similar work and not
> interfere in the middle of the day with other 'yum" based operations.

That depends on the usecase. 

I want to have all updates installed within 1 hour after publishing them on my 
local yum repo. But not all servers should install their update at the same 
time and I want to keep their configuration as identical as possible. So no 
crontabs with different yum-crons, the update time is just spread by different 
boot times.

This is a setup which works for me for years. And as long as development of 
yum-updatesd is not abandoned or a much better tool is available, I don't see 
a reason to change anything.

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