[users] ushare centos 5.5 with xbox360

Fedora Linux 64 fedora.linux.64 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 02:18:37 CET 2011

I am using centos 5.5, I am trying to get ushare working with xbox360.

I have installed:

I have selinux:

I have turned off iptables
and setup the ushare.conf

I have ushare working on my fedora box with the same config
with the default port 49200
When I try to use ushare on the centos box I have ushare stopped on the
fedora box.

for some reason I can not get ushare working with the xbox360
ushare does not show up on the xbox360 from the centos box

[root at Harley-D ~]# service ushare restart
Shutting down UPnP Media Server (ushare): [ OK ]
Starting UPnP Media Server (ushare): [ OK ]

suggestions or ideas?
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