[users] [OT] Analogies to "governance, " not so much "manufacturer" -- WAS: EPEL

Bryan J Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Sun Jun 26 17:00:29 CEST 2011

From: Steve Huff <shuff at vecna.org>
> yeah, i remember you from the CentOS list.  if you would, please post lengthy 

> tangential content like this to a blog.  thanks!

I've been a lurker for years on this list, and I assist others off-list and 
privately precisely because individual like yourself enjoy questioning me 
on-list.  Learned that years from the CentOS list.  ;)

So one counter-analogy per year is hardly "troublesome," especially when I take 
the time to preface it "[OT]" and other things, let alone didn't start the 
original thread.  But feel free to complain and blame me for the original thread 
in its entirety.

I now return to lurking.  ;)

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