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Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Mon Jun 27 15:23:38 CEST 2011

On Mon, 27 Jun 2011, Bryan J Smith wrote:

> You've always thought outside-the-box and too far ahead of a lot of people (and
> I say this as the sincerest form of complement).
> I've watched the Fedora Project's evolution over many years and while you might
> have not been a part of the team or list directly, there's no denying your work
> and approaches has indirectly and even directly impacted the project over the
> years.  I'm not afraid to say that in the least bit if anyone ever asks me, or
> makes a statement about DAG, RPMforge, etc...
> I mentioned Guidelines, Maintainer and Governance as a kind of "tri-fecta."
> Back to my [counter-] analogy, it's more than just a choice (company) detail.
> Different locales are trying to solve the same problems, and often use the same
> guidelines (industry) and sources (companies) as other locales, but the
> maintenance and governance differences end up making all the difference.  In
> other words, I've never seen it as a technical issue.

I think a big difference is the fact that we always preferred (mostly by 
necessity) to have a few people doing lots of packages, rather then a lot 
of people doing a few packages. This has the advantage that there's less 
overhead to packaging and the process is light and flexible. But the 
downside is that we cannot take on large projects, like compatibility with 
eg. EPEL.

If you consider ATrpms, rpmfusion, and the myriad of other repositories, 
compatibility with other repositories is a hard proposition, and even 
tracking changes that may influence compatibility is something a small set 
of people cannot undertake. I think there are other and better solutions 
if we want the best experience for our users, but this project has more 
important concerns than inter-repository compatibility IMO.

Compare it to world-peace or world-hunger, how much I like this to happen, 
I am afraid I won't be able to make a big contribution to the overal 
solution. Larger entities might have more impact than myself.

So I support where we can make a difference with little effort, but a 
larger solution is probably out of our reach :-/ Unless of course we 
rethink everything...

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