[users] Subversion 1.6.17 srpm tools, for RHEL 4/5/6 compatible 1.6.x releases

David Hrbáč david-lists at hrbac.cz
Thu Apr 5 16:39:57 CEST 2012

Dne 5.4.2012 13:20, Nico Kadel-Garcia napsal(a):
> Thanks, I just fixed that. (Pushed to the wrong upstream).
Thanks for clarification. I had been really keen on SVN, but I have
completely switched to git and I'm revelling.
> The last Red Hat published subversion for RHEL 4 was 1.1.4. That lacks
> really important features, such as the "ask before storing local
> passwords in cleartext" feature of 1.6, serious performance upgrades,
> Unicode log handling, and it lacks very useful "svn checkout --force"
> option so useful to purhing a Subversion working copy onto an existing
> directory. It also lacks the new svn:externals syntax, and has fallen
> so far off the support tree it makes me weep when I have to use it.
> I use the "svn checkout --force" option for things like Nagios
> configurations, yum configuraitons, and BIND with chroot cages to set
> up on new servers. (I'm actually planning on presenting on that last
> one at svnday in Berlin this summer.)  A newer Subversoin is also
> really, really useful if you have working copies in NFS on RHEL 5 or
> RHEL 6, and you'd like to be able to use or manipulate the same
> working copy on RHEL 4. *THAT* is really useful for helping migrate
> off of RHEL 4, which is now only supported with an "extended"
> contract, but getting people off of obsolete operating systems seems
> to have been a major hobby of mine for.... dang... 24 years.
Interesting. I have been using a different approach, but I have switched
to etckeer (git inside :o)). Right, I too have a few 4.x boxes and need
to migrate. :o) I will investigate your patches and will try to push to
RF. Are you willing to create pull request?

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