[users] Subversion SPRM toolkits at github for "extras" and RHEL 4

Nico Kadel-Garcia nkadel at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 13:36:46 CEST 2012

Subversion 1.7.4 is out: I've updated
https://github.com/nkadel/subversion-1.7.4-srpm, to allow updates to that
minor release.

I've also done... quite a bit of work to get 1.6.17 backported to RHEL 4
compatible compilation (drawing on some other people's useful attempts).
This is at https://github.com/nkadel/subversion-1.6.17-srpm/. I'd like to
get that into the "extras" for RHEL 4, 5, and 6. This is partly because the
subversion 1.6.x published for RHEL is not completely compatible with 1.7,
and cannot work with "working copies" from 1.7, so anyone who has locked
down systems with RHEL's packages may not be able to use 1.7.

the other reason is RHEL 4, which is still in production use despite being
on extended support only, and whose subversion 1.1.4 has many, many
problems compared to 1.6. The RHEL 4 port is a bit messy and is missing
many components available for RHEL 5, such as the ruby and java and psvn
and gnome-keyring and kwallet support and bash_completion. But the base
client is just *fine* and more than enough in most environments.

I'd welcome testing and integration to the extras repo, so that people who
need 1.6 can get it.
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