[users] Bug in perl-NetAddr-IP-4.044-1.el5.rf

David Hrbáč david-lists at hrbac.cz
Wed Jan 11 20:55:15 CET 2012

Dne 11.1.2012 16:34, email builder napsal(a):
> But why is perl-NetAddr-IP in your base repo?  Your FAQ says:
> Our goal is to move all packages that conflict with upstream packages 
> into a separate “extras” repository; this way, users who want to be 
> confident that our packages will not cause conflicts with upstream can 
> enable the base repository, and users who want newer versions of 
> packages (and are willing to tolerate some package conflicts) can enable
>  the extras repository.

Well, I'm also not happy about it and I find it an issue. It is caused
by historical reasons. RedHat included this package during the last 5.x
release. Compare:
Yes, there are packages which have to be in RFX, have wrong version and
other issues. This is something I personally am not able to solve and
sort out. There's no one to move or remove packages but Dag. I can only
commit new spec file versions. I can't even build those new ones. So
because of that, not only that, I have to manage my own repos. :o( On
the other hand, there's something you can do about. Create the ticket on

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