[users] nconf .spec files and patches

Nico Kadel-Garcia nkadel at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 01:06:21 CET 2012

I've got some acquaintances using nconf, a Nagios configuration tool.
There was an update in December, and there's an RPM for OpenSUSE, but
not for RHEL/Fedora, and their SRPM has some incompatibilities I've
tweaked an SRPM to handle.

These are corrections of classic SRPM errors: I'll upstream them when
I get a few cycles.
 * Clear BUILDROOT target before building, which otherwise breaks
with partially failed installaitons
 * Eliminate unnecessary popd steps.
 * Use normal 'doc' to select documentation files.
 * List installdir/ components individually, to avoid duplication complaints
 * Use imagepak-base.tar.gz from sourceforge, with URL listed
properly in .spec file
 * List Perl dependencies by module name, not by package name.

These are for RHEL
 * Discarded the unnecessary rpmlintrc
 * Moved the installation to /var/www/nconf/ for compatiblity with SELinux
 * Rolled back the hard-coded '/usr/bin/mail' to '/bin/mail'.
 * Eliminated apxs dependencies, use RHEL standard httpd config
locations instead
 * Added php dependency

It's still not perfect: the use of 'sudo' to reload Nagios
configurations is an old problem for Apache based software, due to the
lack of a tty for PHP sccripts, and that really needs an suid wrapper.
But it's the only Nagios GUI I can find that isn't abandonware.

I'm including my .spec file, and the little deploy-local patch that
the OpenSUSE SRPM included. Can we possibly get this into RPMforge?
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