[users] icinga 1.7.0 upstream release+changes

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
Tue May 15 18:23:54 CEST 2012


icinga 1.7.0 will be a changing and fixing release, as well as making 
packagers life easier once and for all. that means, we'll have to make 
some changes upstream did wrong in the past which will require user 

Changelog and upgrade guides have been alread prepared were actually 
needed. those changes which can be triggered on upgrade (e.g. not 
interfering with existing config), have been made safe. the move from 
/var/icinga to /var/spool/icinga will include a copy of retention.dat 
and objects.precache if existing, like you would do on manual location 
change. this has been tested extensively before releasing it to the 
public as this is one of the major changes.

Meanwhile, /usr/bin/idomod.o always was the wrong location for a module 
loaded by the core. Team icinga thinks, this deserves to live in lib/ 
instead, plus the extension is now .so allowing builds on all supported 
platforms. You will recognize /usr/lib{64}/icinga/idomod.so as the new 
location, which also need an update in your configs - either 
icinga.cfg:broker_module OR the module object definition in 
/etc/icinga/modules/idoutils.cfg. if not, the old idomod.o will be 
remove on upgrade - therefore the core will bail out on load.

In order to add more depth dependencies on the libdbi drivers for the 
icinga-idoutils package, this has been renamed. icinga-idoutils is now 

- icinga-idoutils-libdbi-mysql with a dependency on libdbi-dbd-mysql
- icinga-idoutils-libdbi-pgsql with a dependency on libdbi-dbd-pgsql

so you are highly advides to remove the old icinga-idoutils packages, 
plus install the newer one.

Please note that difference while upgrading the packages. The newly 
added README.RHEL(.idoutils) will add some more insights on that as well 
(how do setup db and users etc). The database scripts won't be installed 
to /etc/icinga/idoutils anymore, but cleanly put into the docs sections 
side by side to other READMEs and Changelogs.

Side by side, I've taken various nagios pkg things into account. So for 
now, the classic ui (icinga-gui) will also install /etc/icinga/passwd 
and reload the webserver. by default you will get the classic ui ready 
with icingaadmin:icingaadmin via basicauth now. Plus a logrotate example 
is installed too.

The database setup/upgrade is still a manual process, but now the logger 
will tell you after upgrade (borrowed that from cacti.spec). Also note 
the new location of the commandfile which might require an update in 
your icinga.cfg file if needed.

Eventhandlers are now also installed as samples, with their correct 
paths in them. resource.cfg will be created with 640, so in order to use 
authorized_for_full_command_resolution in cgi.cfg you need to put the 
apache user into the icinga group, or change permissions yourself again 
(considered a security risk, therefore packages set it hard).

Overall, there are so many changes, where the most important is 
recognizable on idoutils upgrade, the others will need your attention in 
diff'ing old with new config, as well as reading the Changelog (esp 
CHANGES section).

I'd be happy to see an upstream merge and package build soon. All 
packages run fine on my testboxes, fresh and upgraded.

pull request is here: https://github.com/repoforge/rpms/pull/169
full upstream changelog: 

kind regards,

ps: some docs on the install will live on icinga wiki here: 

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