[users] Unhide : Centos 6 X64

Always Learning repoforge at a8.u22.net
Mon Jul 1 03:33:12 CEST 2013

Hi Nick,

You wrote:-

> Maybe you could try building from the SRPM locally, and see if there's
> a compilation issue?

Perhaps I could when I can find the free time. I've never compiled
anything on Linux so it would be nice to have a go and see what happens.

However, my concern were someone on Centos 6 (applies to RH and SL too)
with an 64-bit machine would get

> No package unhide available.

If Repoforge wants the 32-bit version to be used by 64-bit machines
then, minimally, a softlink should be provided from the EL6 32-bit
version to the EL6 64-bit version.

Repoforge's current unhide is out-of-date and the 32-bit version is not
detected on a 64-bit machine by 'yum install unhide'.

I appreciate everything is done by unpaid volunteers and one day, if I
ever get the time, I would like to compile some sources and contribute.

rkhunter uses unhide and unhide-tcp.

With friendly greetings.

  100% exclusively Linux. No M$ Windoze here.

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