[users] rrdtool :: updated package

Adrian Sevcenco Adrian.Sevcenco at spacescience.ro
Thu Jul 25 13:54:29 CEST 2013

Hi! Would be possible the updating of rrdtool to latest version?
I did it for centos 6.4 but i had to modify the 1.4.7 spec with this:

diff rrdtool.spec rrdtool2.spec (this is the 1.4.7 spec)

< %{_bindir}/rrdcreate
< %{_bindir}/rrdinfo
< %{_prefix}/share/rrdtool/ifOctets.tcl
< %{_prefix}/share/rrdtool/pkgIndex.tcl
> %{_libdir}/rrdtool/ifOctets.tcl
> %{_libdir}/rrdtool/pkgIndex.tcl

Thanks a lot!

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