[users] Why RepoForge RpmForge not available?

David Hrbáč david-lists at hrbac.cz
Sun Sep 22 12:24:25 CEST 2013

Dne 21.9.2013 17:35, Nico Kadel-Garcia napsal(a):
> Bit of a crisis? Anything that can be done from here? I'd be curious
> to see any available data on what's going on. I can easily believe
> that Dag's become too busy with the rest of his life to continue this
> resource, but hate losing the "rpmforge-extras" repository with
> components that are more recent versions of packages already in Red
> Hat based systems.

Yes, we are in the crisis, definitely. No updates for 5-6 months. Where
are the updates? I dare to say Dag does not care about RepoForge. But
this reminds me those days, when Dag left CentOS project. I can recall
his points and it seems to me, that Dag's repo is at the very same state
as CentOS was at that time...

That's why I have created repoforge-updates repository, just to handle
the commits we have in our Git repository. See

David Hrbáč

> I'd even be interested in getting my samba-4.x toolchain into hit,
> although that one's riskier than most to be publishing that way.

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