[users] Why RepoForge RpmForge not available?

David Hrbáč david-lists at hrbac.cz
Tue Sep 24 08:44:06 CEST 2013

Dne 24.9.2013 04:48, Nico Kadel-Garcia napsal(a):
> Dag, would it make any sense to step back from most of the packages?
> Many of them, such as Nagios and its plugins, are effectively
> available from EPEL now. There are some in rpmfoge-extras that would
> update existing RHEL packages, such as subversion, that EPEL would
> never touch, and those have been really helpful to me, at least.


Right now we can't cooperate with Epel. Historically we can't recommend
to use both repos at the same time. These repos are not compatible with
each other.

It makes sense to me to step back from some packages. We have plenty of
old packages.

BTW I guess we are heading a lot of work with RHEL7. It seems that RHEL
is going to be equipped with systemd. So, it may even lead into changes
with out Git repo....


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