[users] Repoforge updates and the current state of the repo

Fred Kienker fkienker at at4b.com
Tue Sep 24 15:28:36 CEST 2013

Thanks for the hint! It would be great if you and Dag can work out how 
to continue this effort going forward. I've used Repoforge for a number 
of years and greatly appreciate it. There really is no viable 
alternative repo.

Best regards,
Fred Kienker

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Dne 23.9.2013 17:46, Fred Kienker napsal(a):
> I feel foolish, but I tried to use the 0.98.1 clamav packages David 
> generously provided without success. Everything seemed to go smoothly 
> but there were no init scripts installed for starting and stopping 
> clamav. Fearing I had totally messed up, I backtracked to the EPEL 
> packages which were a bit more current. Anyone have any hints as to 
> what I am doing wrong?
> Thanks in advance,
> Fred
> Best regards,
> Fred


Clamav package contains no init script. This script is within the clamd 

David Hrb
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