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Stefano Canepa s.canepa at pentaengineering.it
Thu Mar 27 10:03:17 CET 2014

> On 26 March 2014 @10:19 zulu, Stefano Canepa wrote:
> First of all sorry for the top posting I cannot find a correct setting
> for reply in this fu…. Outlook.
> http://home.in.tum.de/~jain/software/outlook-quotefix/
> The free (donationware) program QuoteFix not only rewraps and keeps
> nested quotes readable, there's an option in its settings to place the
> cursor BELOW the quoted portion on all replies.  When I used it with
> Outlook Express I found the 'use clipboard' option to work best. YMMV

Thanks very much.

This was not the solution with outlook 2010 but pointed me to the right


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