[users] Is repoforge dead?

David Hrbáč david-lists at hrbac.cz
Thu Jan 1 14:23:32 CET 2015

Hi to all,

Repoforge is not dead, I just had no time to push the updates. We have
everything up and running. DNS, mirrors, mirrorlist, mailman, git
repository, cnucnu instance to discover new upstream sources releases,
etc. We also have the trigger on the repository to start builders with
every commit (via XMMP).

We need:
- a new signing key
- run the rebuild and build process
- resign the packages with the new key
- create new release RPM
- start working on EL7 tree
- finally make the RF community project

I'm sorry, this is my fault, since I'm responsible for not delivering
all these points. Last year I was involved in starting Czech national
supercomputer, that's my excuse.

I'd like to create the group of people to maintain the RF. We have the
list of task to do, so we can re-start the project.

Maybe we can start this month creating the group, make the first
e-meeting, distribute the task.

Anyone interested?

David Hrbáč

Dne 30.12.2014 v 23:54 Tracy Greggs napsal(a):
> I am not seeing packages updated such as clamav for example, and list
> emails are virtually non-existent.
> Is repoforge dead?
> Regards,
> T. Greggs
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